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  1. Start really small and really simple.
  2. Don’t worry if it’s good or not, just try something and try to see it through to the end! You’ll have more time and better experience after to make better games!
  3. Try old concepts and ideas and just fiddle around with them! No harm in trying something with old tropes and genres.
  4. Have fun with it!
  5. Don’t worry if your art/writing/programming/whatever isn’t up to par. It’s why we practice, so we get better at such things!
  6. Drink lots of fluids and make sure you eat breakfast. This is really important for indie developers.
  7. Again, have fun with it, that’s really the biggest piece of advice I can give. So just have at it, make some things, and enjoy it for what it’s worth, man!
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    To make a game from scratch is a lot of work when you’re an alone indie developer. So yes, have fun and try to keep your...
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    Some good advice here. And don’t be afraid to make something nobody else is gonna see, unless you wanna show it to some...
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